Sarah + Evan's Proposal- Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

When Evan first contacted me about photographing a special “occasion” to take place on a Saturday morning, I was hoping for an engagement. Well, folks, that is exactly what we ended up with on an April morning at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, California. Evan planned out each detail, from the custom-designed ring he has spent over six months working with a designer on, to the “ruse” to get Sarah to the gardens to take photos. Evan purchased Sarah a dress he left laid out on her bed with a note telling her to meet him at the Huntington for couple photos. She was expecting a photographer and photos, so we did a typical couples shoot in the beautiful gardens.

Before Sarah arrived, Evan and I scoped out the best spot to do the proposal: a gazebo covered in flowers. During the couple photos we signaled each other when we were ready to head over for the main event. After an older couple moved off the bench in the gazebo, we were ready to go. I was taking “couples photos” when Evan took Sarah’s hands, turned to her and began to explain why he loves her so and how much she means to him. He got down on one knee, looked up into her tearing eyes and asked her to marry him. She said yes!

After the couple had a moment we took more photos with the ring and their beaming smiles. I left them to have an afternoon in the park, pleased with the absolute joy and love I was able to capture just by being invited into someone’s life. Evan and Sarah, thank you for inviting me to capture a portion of your life. I know these are images you will treasure forever, and it is an honor to be asked to create them. 

 Congratulations, Sarah and Evan!